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About Tom Cuneio

About Tom CuneioTom Cuneio was a mechanical engineer who found his way to the masonry industry as a bit of an accident. He got his start in the industry as an architectural salesperson, so he came to understand the processes and needs of the architectural design and commercial building communities. He believed that the lack of 3D modeling in the masonry industry was starting to hold it back.

In 2004, he started his own company, CAD BLOX LLC. The company focused on issues important to industry people using masonry: reducing the time, cost and frustration involved in ordering and building. CAD BLOX staff create color-coded 3D layout drawings (including bond patterns), help resolve design issues, and originated a system that ensured accurate orders, even on very complex builds, without needing a waste allowance. The company works with masonry manufacturers in order to select proper units from their product lines and produce shop drawings for custom cuts. And their 3D drawings contain unit codes that match codes on the pallets in the field, which increases productivity and helps control costs. To date, the company has worked with professionals on more than 500 BIM-related commercial jobs.

It was a natural next step when Tom decided to create software that would help architects and manufacturers accomplish the same things during the design process. In 2016, he started building what would become 3DiQ and MasonryiQ, introducing his software-design tools to the virtual reality space in masonry construction.

MasonryiQ gives architects a plug-in for Revit software that allows them to improve their workflow while creating 3D models with masonry-specific wall types, stock or custom bond patterns, and computer analysis of wall geometry that includes corner bonding. They can select real-world masonry producers and browse their materials, placing their choices directly into the design and having the software do all the calculations.

MasonryiQ helps masonry manufacturers get up close and personal with architects and builders earlier in the design process, which in turn helps them sell more product, grow their market share, and reduce costs.

An honors graduate of the University of Missouri’s mechanical and aerospace program, Tom continues to expand the role of 3D modeling. He is a regular speaker in industry workshops and symposiums about the use of MasonryiQ in Revit. He continues to update and develop software that meets the needs of Architects, Manufacturers, and Contractors.