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Our Favorite Revit Resources

You could use Revit for years and still not master the program. Keep learning and growing your skills with these courses, tutorials, and training resources — we’ve rounded up some of our favorite options available online.

Revit Rocketship

For Revit beginners, this affordable course can shorten your learning curve and teach you how to put together a building set. This, in turn, can help you earn more responsibility, improve value to your firm, and make you more marketable. The course is self-paced, which means you can learn on your own time, even if you may be working full-time and facing tight work-related deadlines. You also have unlimited time to access this course once you enroll.

Revit: Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting

Want to get more from your dimensions? Need to check all of the views in a project and see if the settings are correct? Want to consistently configure crop boxes across the entire project? What about getting all the parameters in your family content in just the right order? Those are just a few topics covered in this video series, which has something for every level of Revit user. A caveat: the files are compatible with the latest version of Revit, which means you may have some trouble if you’re using an older version.

Revit Pure

Newly revamped for updated 2020 Revit features, this package has been downloaded thousands of times and used as a tool by large organizations to train their entire staff. It’s easily accessible by entrepreneurs, architects, designers, builders, drafters, and students. Even the most “basic” package includes 258 pages of tutorials, 155 minutes of useful video tutorials, and a beginner’s template.

Udemy Revit Complete Training

This course is ideal for civil engineers, architects, interior designers, and anyone who wants a thorough introduction to building information modeling and Revit alike. It includes 11 on-demand hours of training, full lifetime access on either a television/computer or mobile device, and a certificate of completion. Along with giving you valuable skills, it will provide a comprehensive look at why BIM is becoming increasingly more popular than CAD. 

Revit: A Structured Approach

This blog is frequently updated with great tricks, tips, and tutorials that can help with specific functions of Revit. From the basics of changing sketch colors to more complicated processes like displaying span-to-depth-ratio of steel beams. The blog author is employed by an Autodesk reseller and archives go back as far as 2009. The blog also has information about various training opportunities. 

Balkan Architect

If video tutorials are more your style, this YouTube channel could be right up your alley. Uploads include time-saving Revit hacks, specific information on architecture tools within the program, and even how to approach advanced massing workflow. The creator of this channel also has a Patreon account with even more supplemental Revit learning resources.

What’s New in Revit 2020

If you’re an experienced Revit user, you may already know that the newest version provides plenty of updates to the program. This comprehensive list offers videos on topics like creating elliptical walls, electrical distribution wiring improvements, creating parts from imported geometry, and more. Stay ahead of the curve by bookmarking this list and visiting often as you learn the ins and outs of Revit 2020.

The Building Coder

Jeremy Tammik is the author of this Programming Forge, BIM, and Revit blog that’s better suited to more advanced users. Jeremy covers a range of topics on his blog and provides comprehensive advice for making the most of Revit APIs. He also includes a long list of resources that can help you advance your learning. 

Autodesk Revit Blog

Why not go to the source to learn everything you can about Revit? For those who aren’t in the know, Autodesk is the software company that created Revit. When you subscribe to their blog, you get access to updates, news, and industry insights that you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll also find blogs to online help, project ideas, discussion boards, and the Knowledge Network. 

Along with these great resources, consider investing in MasonryiQ. This Revit plug-in allows architects to improve their workflow while creating 3D models with masonry-specific wall types, stock or custom bond patterns, and computer analysis of wall geometry that includes corner bonding. They can select real-world masonry producers and browse their materials, placing their choices directly into the design and having the software do all the calculations. Find out more about MasonryiQ.