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Construction Technology For Masonry

The construction industry is currently being overhauled by digital technology and the masonry industry is keeping pace.  From 3D models to laser scans, to robotics, we see new efficiencies in all areas of masonry construction.  3DiQ Inc. is leading the charge in the development of the emerging digital era for masonry.  Masonry is a perfect fit for a digital world due to its modular nature.  Software that understands the rules of design, production, and installation is having an increasing impact on how things get done.

MasonryiQ represents a big step forward in the design of masonry.  Revit, the BIM authoring tool from Autodesk with the largest market share is only partially supported for masonry products.  MasonryiQ supercharges Revit so it can deliver a fully integrated BIM solution.  Using generative design technology, masonry models are created in Revit that understand bond patterns, created the proper sections and plan views and give designers insight into masonry layout that is typically not explored until the contractor is on the job site.  Seeing is believing and seeing a highly detailed construction model in a virtual space is the power of BIM.  Many new features are in store for MasonryiQ in 2019.  Movement joints will be programmed to follow NCMA Tek Note rules.  The Masonry Unit Database (MUD) will soon be integrated allowing specific unit geometry and properties to be implemented.  Structural rebar schedules will soon be enabled allowing engineers to study reinforcement in great detail.  Complex wall properties like U factors will be calculated by MasonryiQ allowing energy compliance to be quickly assessed.  If you deal with the technical side of masonry design, then you will welcome the arrival of digital support.

Maybe you are more interested in the artistic side of masonry than the technical side.  Well, you will appreciate the rendering support offered by MasonryiQ.  Not only can patterns be created and explored, but materials from local producers can now be mapped to models giving a photorealistic rendering of masonry buildings in design models.  This enables designers and owners to see masonry in all it’s glory very early in the design process.  Want to see a building in a couple of different materials?  MasonryiQ can do that in minutes.  Want to show your design to an owner in Virtual Reality (VR)?  MasonryiQ will give you models with high resolution complete with a range of color and texture, integrally colored mortar options and bump maps that are sure to impress.

But 3DiQ Inc. isn’t just working on design solutions.  Masonry needs better support on the production and installation side as well and MasonryiQ Build, due out in late 2019, will provide that support.  Masonry models have proven to have tremendous value in generating material orders, staging production and delivery to site, coordination and clash detection with other trades, integration with laser scans and so many other processes in today’s construction industry.  The bottom line?  You need models to capitalize on the future, and 3DiQ Inc. is working to deliver those models.

Stay tuned, the future of masonry is closer than you think!

It’s important for architects and masonry manufacturers to stay ahead of the trends to maintain a competitive edge and grow their client base. Along with utilizing the right tech — like 3DiQ — leverage design and industry insight to develop masonry products that exceed your clients’ vision and goals.