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Tom Cuneio Featured Speaker at the 2019 SCMA Annual Conference

Tom Cuneio, President of 3DiQ, was a featured speaker at the Southeast Concrete Masonry Association Annual Conference in Isle of Palms South Carolina. Tom’s presentation was called, “Model Driven Construction and Design for Masonry”.

He shared with the group insights on how masonry models are having a significant impact on both design and construction. Today, LOD 350 unit-based models allow for detailed studies of exact bonding and layout of masonry.

Case Studies of Construction Modeling

Tom showcased several case studies which demonstrated how using these models can positively impact the entire project through efficiencies from pre-planning in design and construction.

He showed how model-driven construction improves internal coordination with cell locations, rebar and in-wall utilities and external coordination with steel, mechanical and other trades. Highly coordinated masonry models are now even accessible during design allowing for accurate wall layout, planning of openings, and coordination with structural.

Automated masonry sections, various bonding options at corners and even true masonry rendering with natural material ranges are all possible during design in Revit thanks to recent software advances such as the MasonryiQ plugin from 3DiQ.

It’s important for architects and masonry manufacturers to stay ahead of the trends to maintain a competitive edge and grow their client base. Along with utilizing the right tech — like 3DiQ — leverage design and industry insight to develop masonry products that exceed your clients’ vision and goals.