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How The MasonryiQ Revit Plugin Amplifies Masonry Producers Marketing To Architects.

3DiQ Inc. works directly with Masonry Producers to load details of their products into their Revit Plugin. Architects can then design with the exact products, colors, textures. and sizes available in geographic proximity to the building site.

Video Transcript

We've seen masonry maybe fall a little bit our of favor with design tools that are really popular today. The excitement, I think, around what we're trying is say well let's take the tools and the platforms, and empower them to handle masonry as a material very well. So, that we don't see the tools of today's design process limiting a material like masonry. Let's empower the creative tools of architects and designers with a material, and give them a solution where they can play and be creative with the material the way they really want to be.
Once a material producers has uploaded their content in Masonry IQ their distribution facilities will appear as pins on a Google map. So, an architect now will see a Google map of the United States. They'll be able to put the zip code in, and look at where that project is, and see pins on the google map that represent local content. So, producers have recognized this, and they're going to the design community. They're bringing this solution in, they're introducing it, they're sponsoring it. So, there's no resistance to this solution going into the design community, and having impact on masonry market share which is the primary goal that we're all driving at.
For many years now the masonry industry has been researching how to put a solution into the design community that really services the needs of our industry. Masonry IQ is the first big step into that space, and when producers realize what they can do with our product line, how useful and accessible it is to the design community they really want to get that awareness phase going. That's kind of the phase we're in now, is we've got a great tool and so producers have been sponsoring licenses, and bringing it to the design community. Masonry IQ allows you to present your products to an architect exactly when they're looking for them.