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Streamline Architectural Masonry Design WIth MasonryiQ Plugin For Revit!

Tom Cuneio, president of 3DiQ, Inc. discusses how their MasonryiQ product not only gives architects incredible creative freedom, but it also helps them calculate and include the most minute of details.

Video Transcript

If a design is executed really well in a masonry job you won't have cutting on-site. Cutting introduces all kinds of issues that we'd like to avoid. There's a labor factor there. There's a waste factor there. We're introducing airborne silica which is a worker safety issue. We want to use the material in a way that shows we understood it well.
That's a challenge even to the best architects that are very familiar with masonry. The excitement I think around what we're trying to do is say, "Well, let's take the tools and the platforms of today and empower them to handle masonry as a material very well so that we don't see the tools of today's design process limiting a material like masonry."
Masonry IQ does all the calculations for you. It'll study the pattern. It'll give you feedback on exactly how that pattern is going to install in the field so that we can be really efficient on-site with time and labor and also with material so we can really optimize masonry both in design and in construction.
Masonry IQ has been built to look and feel like Revit. We do have a group of tutorials to help architects understand and explore everything that's available in the solution. We also have a user community in LinkedIn where users are exchanging ideas.
Masonry IQ allows you to explore complex patterns and it gives you visual feedback on the type of cutting that would be involved in laying out the pattern, so it allows you to be very successful while being very creative at the same time.