Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process based on intelligent 3D modeling, supported by various industry-specific tools, that helps architects and builders create, manage, and use complex digital plans for building projects. 3D modeling has become an indispensable tool in the construction industry, and 3DiQ is dedicated to improving BIM software and user experience.

Using the shared digital representations BIM technology makes possible, the building process is streamlined from design to construction. While traditional building design leaned on 2D technical drawings for planning and collaboration, BIM brings plans to life with 3D models, and the technology is only improving.

Masonry iQ is a BIM solution designed specifically for masonry. Our software makes highly-detailed models available to architects and builders who want to have detailed and accurate plans for their masonry projects. We do this by giving users the ability to create custom patterns, import colors and textures from producers, use custom bond patterns, analyze layout geometry, render accurate masonry materials, and layout unconventional corners.

3DiQ is actively advancing BIM technology with its masonry software, making design easier for users, and by giving them the ability to create more detailed masonry plans. With plans developed in Masonry iQ, construction contractors no longer have to make due with unclear designs as architects can plan masonry projects with unprecedented detail and granularity.

The quality of your BIM Coordination tools will have a serious impact on your work. Partner with experts who understand masonry and 3D modeling.

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