Put your products and materials in the right place at the right time for architects with Masonry iQ Design

built-in specification

Masonry iQ makes it possible for architects to create masonry plans with stunning detail, and they’ll have everything they need to know about your materials during their planning phase. 3DiQ partners with producers to provide faithful product specifications in a versatile, digital format.

a direct line

to architects

The process of marketing product to architects has seen little change over the years. Chip kits, color swatches, relationships with architects, sprinkled with a bit of timing luck, have been the methods most producers use to share their latest and greatest products. Even then, they are held back by the physical limitations of hauling heavy, bulky materials into and out of offices, hoping the architect has not already specified a competitor’s product.

What if you could place every color and texture you produce in front of an architect while they are creating their design?

Masonry iQ makes this possible, letting your product show up in the right place, at the right time, every time. By partnering with producers, Masonry iQ provides a digital conduit directly to the architect. By collecting hi-resolution photos of each color and texture from our producer partners, Masonry iQ presents architects with the most realistic masonry renders available today, allowing them to easily plug and play any of your materials into their design.

product detail automation

With Masonry iQ, complex bond patterns can be created and rendered with photography from specified producers for a new level of realism. Software automation allows architects to easily explore a fully customizable array of pattern, color and texture without leaving Revit. Visualizing and specifying masonry has never been easier.

what PRODUCERS are saying


The Masonry iQ software makes the work flow process more efficient. Our design professionals use it as a tool to better serve their clients. During the plan approval process, owners require colored elevations with design elements to meet their requirements. Firms not having Masonry iQ incorporated in REVIT typically use CAD and Photoshop to create these elements. This can be time consuming; Masonry iQ enables the process to be done quickly and accurately through REVIT. Offering the software to architecture firms takes the Oldcastle architectural sales team to a higher level of service.

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