Using Masonry iQ Build, streamline communication with LOD 400 models and more information at your disposal.

shop drawings

made easier and more accurate

3DiQ’s revolutionary software makes it possible to quickly create accurate, highly-detailed shop drawings for your masonry projects. Because Masonry iQ Build features a more complete, detailed database of materials, your shop drawings will be a more faithful representation of the project, and you’ll have more accurate bids.

better estimates

fewer surprises

Masonry iQ Build makes up-to-date pricing information easily available to contractors through its impressive library of producers and materials. 3DiQ has partnered with producers to put more material choices at your fingertips, and we’ve made it easier to contact producers for information about pricing and availability.

get specific with
LOD 400 models for masonry

The tools we’ve built for Revit make it a masonry design powerhouse. Create LOD 400 models for your masonry project, delivering unmatched specificity for project coordination. Through Masonry iQ Build, masonry designs will include 3D models accurate to the size, shape, and material details of the intended finished product.


Create your production orders in Revit with Masonry iQ Build. 3DiQ makes every step of the planning and ordering process faster and more accurate. Once your masonry project is built in Revit, generate a production order that’s filled out and formatted to meet specifications.

what contractors are saying


With Masonry iQ, we were able to create color and texture accurate renderings directly through Revit. We were designing an addition that followed an existing multi-colored, multi-size masonry pattern, and Masonry iQ made the rendering quick and accurate.

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