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Architects who design commercial buildings with BIM Revit software had been missing something. Sophisticated 3D modeling that enabled them to use masonry creatively and easily. Previous programs were limited, providing only flat, two-dimensional renderings of projects in process. As a result, masonry started to fall out of favor with architects designing in 3D.

With MasonryiQ, that changed. As a plug-in to Autodesk’s Revit software, MasonryiQ gives architects the ability to create three-dimensional models that show masonry-detailed wall types. Using stock bond patterns or nearly unlimited custom options. As openings for windows and doors are added, the software analyzes the geometry – including corner specifications – for layout and cuts. When the user moves cuts or changes dimensions, MasonryiQ re-calculates the wall geometry. Then architects are ready to select products, they can find and choose from regional masonry producers and browse products in real-time. Therefore they specify those products in the design and see photo-realistic renderings of what the final project will look like.

Masonry Architects

“The excitement around what we’re trying to do is to say. Let’s take the tools and the platforms of today and empower them to handle masonry as a material very well. So we don’t see the tools of today’s design process limiting a material like masonry.” Says Tom Cuneio, the creator of MasonryiQ.

With just clicks of a mouse and specifications on the keyboard. The 3D drawing can be turned, manipulated, and polished in every creative way possible. The finished product allows architects to share detailed drawings with clients, sample products from multiple manufacturers. Then order precise amounts of building material without requiring waste allowances. Once in the field, the drawings are color-coded to match codes on the building supplies, which simplifies the process and cuts costs.

In Conclusion

Cuneio, the creator of CAD BLOX LLC and 3DiQ, is a mechanical engineer who got his start in the masonry industry as an architectural salesperson. So he understands architectural needs and priorities. Tom saw that Revit software was not suited for the needs of masonry. Therefore he created a 3D modeling software plug-in that would fill the void. That product is MasonryiQ.

MasonryiQ solves the many issues related to working with masonry structures within the Revit environment.” Says Angelus Block, a major masonry supplier in Southern California whose products have been used in sports and entertainment venues. Such as the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the Staples Center, The Forum, and the Rose Bowl. “It creates Revit wall types with intelligent masonry materials that ‘know’ their relationship to design. Therefore it allows for custom bond patterns and generates properly bonded corners. It also sets bond beams and control joints with an analysis tool. This tool inspects a model for modularity, proper layout, finds field cut locations and more.”