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3DiQ Videos - Why Architects Love Working with MasonryiQ

Tom Cuneio, president of 3DiQ, talks about how their MasonryiQ Revit Plugin amplifies the creative power of Revit.

Video Transcript

So, I was a mechanical engineer that kind of really found the masonry industry by accident. I started working as an architectural sales rep, which allowed me to see the industry from the architect's perspective. So, I began to see how materials were designed and produced and installed.
My background from engineering was really in the 3D modeling tools, and so I was able to bring the idea of 3D modeling as the ideal tool to solve some of the problems that I thought were pretty pervasive in the masonry industry.
We've seen masonry maybe fall a little bit out of favor with the design tools that are really popular today. Some of the resistance to using masonry in a very creative way, like an architect may want to do, is the amount of work that it'll generate for him, just in detailing that out. You get a design together, and then you're going to spend hours and hours detailing it, putting all the keynotes in, drawing all the little angle iron sections, dressing it out.
MasonryiQ will generate all your sections for you automatically. So, it's going to do all that detail work for you. It'll do the same for plan views, so your detail plan views are going to be laid out by the tool. It's going to create your elevation views, so you're able to create custom patterns. Virtually anything you want do in masonry, you can do in MasonryiQ. It's going to generate those patterns in elevation for you.
And then, finally, you can go in and find a local producer's material. You can map that to a pattern, and now you can render that masonry wall in a photo-realistic manner. When architects realize that the MasonryiQ will generate those details for them, it's like they're relieved, because they can be creative again, and they're not going to get bogged down in generating all the detailing that's required for a wall like masonry.